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Equipment List


TML Manufacturing Inc. (Foxboro, MA)


A. CNC Machining Centers

1: Averex HS-540i GTS Horizontal Milling Center with Pallet Changer 31.5”x31.5”x31.5” capacity
2: Hurco VMX30u 5-Axis Milling Center 30”x20”x20.5” capacity
1: Hurco VM10Ui 5-Axis Milling Center 21”x16”x19” capacity
1: Hurco VMX84i with 4-Axis Rotary Milling Center 84”x34”x30” capacity
1: Hurco VM20i 3-Axis Milling Center 40”x20”x20” capacity
1: Hurco VMX24i with 4-Axis Rotary Milling Center 24”x20”x24” capacity
1: Doosan DNM 5700S 4-Axis Vertical Mill 40”x20” capacity
2: Doosan DNM 750 3-Axis Vertical Mill 64” x 30” capacity



B. CNC Turning Lathe

1: Yama-Seiki GLS2000LYS Live Tool Lathe Ø12.2”x21.25” capacity, 5” subspindle chuck
1: Doosan Puma 2600 S4 5-Axis Lathe 12”x39” capacity, 8” subspindle chuck
1: Doosan Puma 2600 ii MAZ Turn Lath 14.8” x 29.9”,  3.2” Bar Feeder, subspindle 



C. Measuring Equipment

1: Brown & Sharpe Automatic CMM, Global Image 700mm x 1000mm x 700mm capacity
1: Brown & Sharpe Semi-Automatic CMM pfxB 400mm x 500mm x 400mm capacity

1: Zeiss Spectrum 1100- Measuring volume X = 1000mm, Y = 1200mm, Z = 600mm
1: Mitutoyo Digital Height Gage 12” capacity 1: Mitutoyo Digital Height Gage 18” capacity
1: Mitutoyo 24” Electronic Height Gage 
1: Mahr Federal Pocket Surf III Profilometer

D. Other Equipment

2: Vibratory Tumblers 1: 25-Ton Press
1: Horizontal Bandsaw
1: Vertical Bandsaw
2: ACU-Rite Proto Trac Milling Machine
1: 1440K Engine Lathe 10” Chuck 1: Bridgeport Milling Machine
2: Lasergear LGQB20 Laser Marking System



Java-3T Corporate Management V10.0 ERP system

AutoDesk Power Mill 2017 CAM Software

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