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Equipment List


A. CNC Machining Center

6: Matsuura MX-520 5-Axis Milling Center 25”x22”x20” capacity
18: Fanuc α-D21MiA Machining Center with Tsudakoma 5-Axis table
2: Brother M140X2 5-Axis Machining Center 8”x15”x12” capacity
4: Enshu EV-360 CNC Machining Center 24”x14” capacity 1: Enshu EV-450 CNC Machining Center 22”x18” capacity 2: Nissin Max 410 CNC Machining Center 24”x16” capacity
8: Ares Seiki R450 CNC Machining Center 17.5”x12” capacity
2: Ares Seiki R4530 CNC Mach ining Center 17.5”x12” capacity
3: Daewoo ACE-TC380 CNC Machining Center 20”x15” capacity 1: Daewoo ACE-TC400 CNC Machining Center 20”x16” capacity 1: Daewoo ACE-V415 CNC Machining Center 32”x16” capacity 1: Daewoo MYNX-530 CNC Machining Center 32”x20” capacity 1: Daewoo MYNX-540 CNC Machining Center 40”x20” capacity 4: LK TC-510 Machining Center 20”x16” capacity
1: King Rich 450 CNC Milling Center 17.5”x12” capacity
1: Baoji VMC850L Machining Center 18”x34” capacity 2: Zyeng T6 CNC Machining Center 27.5”x16.5” capacity 5: Zyeng V7L CNC Machining Center 29.5”x17” capacity
1: Zyang V-15 CNC Machining Center 60"x30" capacity

2: Zyeng V11L CNC Machining Center 43”x23.5” capacity w/ 5-Axis Rotary Table


B. CNC Turning Lathe

3 Tsugami M06J-II Ø11”x 10” capacity
6: Citizen A20 Swiss Turn Lathe Ø0.787”x8” capacity 2: Citizen CSC16 Swiss Turn Lathe Ø0.630”x8” capacity 1: Fuji TN-360 CNC Lathe Ø8”x12” capacity
1: DMC I-100GN CNC Lathe Ø4”x8” capacity
1: DMC I-160TM CNC Turning Center Ø6”x8” capacity
2: Daewoo Lynx210LC CNC Lathe Ø10”x24” capacity 3: Daewoo Lynx220C CNC Lathe Ø10”x10” capacity 6: Daewoo Lynx220A CNC Lathe Ø10”x10” capacity 1: Daewoo Puma215 CNC Lathe Ø10”x24” capacity 2: Daewoo Puma240LC CNC Lathe Ø13”x27” capacity 3: Advance TC-12B-T CNC Lathe Ø7”x12” capacity
1: SNK GT-Xpress CNC Lathe Ø2.5”x5” capacity
1: Baoji CK7502 A CNC Lathe Ø12”x24” capacity
1: Baoji CK7502C CNC Lathe Ø12”x31.5” capacity
1: Hanwha XP-12 CNC Screw Machine Ø0.472”x7.48” capacity




C. Measuring Equipment

Measuring Equipment
6 sets Hexagon Automatic CNC CMM with PC-Dmis measuring software
1: Lead-Reinshaw FIY 1086-PH20mt CNC CMM
1: Bruker Q2 ION Metal Analyzer
1: Thermo Scientific XL3 Material Analyzer gun
1: Tesa Micro-Hite 3D CMM
1: Mitutoyo SJ310 Surface Analyzer 1: Niton XL3t 800 Alloy Analyzer
1: Tesa Hite 600 Height Master
3: Tesa Hite 400 Height Master
1: Tesa RUF-100 Surface Analyzer 
1: Trimos 300mm Height Gauge 
1: Serein 600II Height Gauge
1: Chien Wei CW-107V Measuring Microscope 
1: Rasonal 4020 Measuring Microscope
1: AccuPro Rockwell Hardness Tester 
5: Air Gauge



D. Sheet Metal Machine

1: Laser Cutting Machine GuongDa GDCC3015H with 
PRC Laser Generator PLS3002
1: Laser Cutting Machine GuongDa GDCC4015H with 3000w
Optical Fiber Laser Generator
1: Press Brake 100 Ton Zhougde ZDP-10032
1: Press Brake 45ton Chiuh Yeh YCN-4516 
1: CNC Press Brake 35 Ton EKO 3512
1: Spot Weld Machine Hoase ND50
1: PEM Installing Machine Kinnotm KY15T 
1: . 40Ton and 160 KingTo Hydraulic Press 
1: 25 Ton and 80Ton Stamping machine
1: Automatic Paint Line with 50 ft long tunnel oven
1: Automatic Powder Coat line with 70ft long tunnel oven



E. Others

1: Multiable Java-3T Corporate Management V10.0 ERP system
1: AutoDesk Power Mill 2017 CAM Software
1: Automatic DI Water Cleaning Machine with ultrasonic power
1: AMOddd F1 3D Printer 4: Milling Machines
2: General Lathe
6: Sawing Machines
3: Surface Grinding Machine
1: Double Size Lapping Machine 2: Lapping Machines
1: Thread Rolling Machine
1: Centerless Grinding Machine
3: Wire EDM Machines 1: Honing Machine
1: 3nh NR110 High Quality Portable Colorimeter
1: TILO T60(4) Color Controller 1: 3nh NHG60 Glossmeter
6: Tumbling Machines
1: YLP-20W Laser Marking Engraver
1: YLP-35W High Power Laser Marking Engraver
1: Waste water/coolant evaporation system ( treatment of 1 ton
used coolant per day)
1: Rinse water re-cycle and filtration system ( Evaporation --->
recycle---> RO filtration, 4 tons water capacity per day)



F. Software

Java-3T Corporate Management V10.0 ERP system AutoDesk Power Mill 2017 CAM Software
Fusion 360 with PowerMill Ultimate
Solidworks 2021 

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